Friday, June 13, 2008

Post Exhibit Showcase

Exhibitor ---- John T. Stephens III.

Reproduction, Layout and Contents ---- Brandon K. Stephens

Color Collages and Banner ---- Tom Smith (Butler & Associates)

This exhibit respectfully salutes the beautiful and talented people who graced the stage of the Black Extravaganza Productions Inc. We regret that we were unable to acknowledge or display all of the performers who participated (lost photos and names) but our efforts did find refreshing memories from the material we were able to research, secure and restore. We hope that in viewing this pictorial presentation, you will grasp vividly the pride, honor and determination that embodied the spirit of this Las Vegas Community, historically referred to as, “The Westside”.

Black Extravaganza

A Cultural Awakening!

An Exhibit Authored by John T. Stephens II

Filed Copyright in the U.S. Library of Congress

All Rights Reserved

A historical educational presentation commerating the Productions contribution to Black Culture, diversity, and community involvement; A legacy of efforts in creating, promoting and funding opportunities for Las Vegans.

January 19, 2008. West Las Vegas Art Center Gallery.

Reception day for Black Extravaganza, A Cultural Awakening! Family members, visitors and refreshments provided by the West Las Vegas Art Center created an evening of sociable mingling, viewing and discussion.

Scheduled for a March 2nd removal, the colorful historical exhibit date was extended as a viewing scene for the 6th annual celebration for women in honor of National Women’s History Month. The exhibit concluded on 3-23-08.

Our thanks to the City of Las Vegas, The Department of Leisure Services and The West Las Vegas Art Center. Thank you for your courteous and welcoming service and that “unique cake”.

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